William Ryan Fritch

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer

William Ryan Fritch is a composer, multi instrumentalist and producer who has created music for numerous award-winning films, television shows, videos, art installations, dance and theatre performances and national advertisement campaigns. In addition to his multi-media work, he maintains a prolific recording career releasing records under his own name and his alias Vieo Abiungo. His vibrant, organic sound is a product of his unique skills as an instrumentalist and recordist that allow him to utilize his vast and varied arsenal of acoustic instrumentation to fully realize his compositions as a solo endeavor.    


I have joined forces with Lost Tribe Sound and GoPro to present my new original soundtrack that will accompany their upcoming film Eagle Hunters in a New World releasing worldwide on March 1st, 2017.  Eagle Hunters In A New World explores the majestic, yet endangered, tradition of the Birkitshi. This mini documentary follows eagle hunters as they rove the harsh Altai Mountain terrain of Western Mongolia.

There are a couple ways to get your hands on this album.  You can either Subscribe to the new 10 Album Subscription Series on Lost Tribe Sound: HERE or on Bandcamp: HERE and receive 5% to 25% off the retail price of Eagle Hunters.

Or, buy it individually at Bandcamp: HERE

Also, we've created a full-album preview of Eagle Hunters, HAVE A LISTEN


This year, my label Lost Tribe Sound has put together the most beastly and insanely beautiful line-up of releases in the history of the label. The Prelude To the Decline Subscription Series includes up to 10 full-length releases including Eagle Hunters in a New World, my new original soundtrack for GoPro. A rundown of artists lined up for this year include 3 albums from myself, and full-length albums from Seabuckthorn, From The Mouth Of The Sun (aka Aaron Martin and Dag Rosengvist), The Green Kingdom, Alder and Ash, and kj. The year will introduce 4 vinyl, 7 CDs, and 2 cassettes, plus at least 1 incredible Subscriber Exclusive album (but really that’s just the tip of the iceberg). 

Subscription levels include ways to receive a discounted price on the Eagle Hunters vinyl, CD, or digital edition. All subscribers will get big discounts on the releases, behind the scene access to coming premieres, exclusive songs, content and releases.


4.1 Miles Nominated for an Academy Award 

Cannot think of a more important time for people to see this remarkable, (and now Academy Award nominated!) short film 4.1 Miles by Daphne Matziaraki. It had me in tears from the very first scene and even after the dozens upon dozens of times that I watched it while composing the music for it, the urgency, scale and severity of this crisis was still every bit as palpable and heart wrenching.  Read the New York Times article, HERE


It's been a busy year for me! Here is my 3rd and final album of the year, ILL TIDES.  It is completely instrumental and Lost Tribe Sound has created some incredible high bias tape cassette editions for the affair (limited to 100 editions).   Buy and Stream ILL TIDES on my Bandcamp Page HERE, and thanks for all the support you've shown my music throughout 2016! 

Clean War - 2nd Full album of 2016 - Out Now

Believe it or not I managed to release another full-length album this summer with Lost Tribe Sound.  Clean War follows right on the heels of my first full-length of 2016, New Words For Old Words.  Have a listen and buy the release HERE

New Album - New Words for Old Wounds - Out Now

My upcoming album, New Words Old For Old Wounds, was released May 20th, 2016 on Lost Tribe Sound. Order it HERE